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We set up your business with the most beneficial technology to keep you competitive in today’s tech-driven business world. We help you eliminate downtime, maximize productivity, and keep your sensitive data safe.

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We’re Your IT Department

When your company has IT-related issues, you need local tech support fast. Critical Networking offers reliable IT support custom fit to your business’ needs. Whenever your team needs us, we’re a quick call away from resolving the issue.

A large part of our job is to stay up-to-date on the latest industry regulations, compliance requirements, and cyber threats for small & medium-sized businesses.

We build a custom plan using the best-in-class tools for your business to keep your operations, employees, and technology safe and prepared for the future.

We offer on-site and remote support to quickly diagnose and resolve issues affecting your business. With our expert team and hands-on access to your physical and digital infrastructure, we help you increase productivity and prevent downtime.

You get to focus on your running your business while we handle IT. You’ll have access to a team of professionals when you need help. Quick response time is critical for your business and we offer instant help desk support for all of our clients. Gain peace of mind that when you need assistance, you have the right team behind you.

General Support

Reliable IT consulting services for all of your tech needs.

Complete IT services management with IT support plans allow you to cover all the devices used by each employee of your business.

Computer Support

Repair and upgrades to your company’s computer systems.

Providing support whether you’re battling unresponsive printers, connection issues or a slow network, or a hardware failure.

Server Maintenance

Helping keep your servers online and responsive with regular maintenance.

When servers fail, you need immediate support. Interruptions result in lost revenue from productivity and data loss. We’ll help keep your systems online and fix issues when they arise.

Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe in case of an emergency, fire, or computer failure.

Natural disasters and computer failures are a fact of life. When your business is hit by a data loss event or a local disaster, you can rest assured that when the day comes to recover your data, we’ve got you covered.

Virus Help & Removal

We’ll diagnose and remove malicious threats from your network.

Viruses and malware affect the security of your business and can cause long-term financial issues. Stopping them early is important to the security of your business.

Network Security

Most data breaches could have been prevented with a properly secure network.

Modern businesses have to deal with software vulnerabilities, hacking attempts, and threats from the inside. Viruses, spyware, and ransomware are major threats without the proper network support or safeguards in place.

Albuquerque IT Services

Downtime can mean a loss of revenue for your business. The best defense is to have managed support which can drastically reduce the number of issues your company will experience. The most common issues are preventable with regular maintenance and properly secure networks.

Server Failures 45%
Network Outage 30%
Application Errors 25%
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Our managed IT service plans offer IT support for whenever your team needs it. We’re one phone call or email away from helping you solve any IT issue.